UI #1- Boarding Pass

For this week’s UI challenge, I decided to focus on condensing all resources one might need to access while at the airport into one. This boarding pass is highly interactive and easy to use.

This is the home page of my design. Click on the image above to access the Adobe XD link. Make sure to check out all the interactive features as pointed out above.

UI #2- 404 Page

For our second UI challenge, I chose WholeFoods as the website I would focus on. The 404 page below aims to add a little bit of humor to the commonly boring error page, while sticking with the WholeFoods brand.

Click on the image to access the Adobe XD link

UI #3- Netflix

For this week’s UI, I decided to make the process of choosing what to watch on Netflix a bit more interactive. By adding several steps (with the option to also just browse through), users can receive help in choosing what to watch.

Click on the image to access my XD link, where you can actually click through a few options

UI #4- About us

I decided to reinvent the TicketMaster About us section into something more interactive. My vision is that the entire website would be a scroll through graphic, with images that were a better representation of actual Ticketmaster events

Click on the image to access my reinvention of the Ticketmaster about page on Adobe XD

UI#5- Bagel Delivery Service

I decided to make my bagel delivery service very modern, and easy to use. I designed it with inspiration from the popular food delivery service app, Postmates, because users of Sophia’s demographic would be likely to use a service to one they regularly use.

Click on the image above to access the Adobe XD link