How to Get Sued 101

On March 22, 2022, Stephen Bouser lectured his students on libel, and how to avoid committing it in hopes that they will learn from his past mistakes.

Esther Campi on PR

Northwestern University alumnus, Esther Campi, lectured University of Chapel Hill students on her career in journalism and public relations.

Adapt or Die

Oscar Motta Mello Neto’s life and career have fully revolved around media and its ever-changing nature — from making ads by hand to creating a successful YouTube channel.  

Give Back, Leave a Mark, Repeat.

Growing up, all of Fabrice Gray’s report cards notified his family that he talked too much. This is one of his most flawed qualities, but it is also one of his greatest strengths.

A Gut Feeling Come True

Sarah Brown, University of North Carolina alumni and currently a reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education, gives advice about how to stay sane while working in the media industry.

Hungry Hungry Hippo

PJ Morales, assistant director and senior writer for The Daily TarHeel tells students about his experiences at the Hussman School of Media and Journalism.

POV: You are the 3.4%

Being foreign feels like being the black sheep in the flock. In this case, the flock is a public university in the United States. 

The Battle of the Blue Bloods

There is no more iconic rivalry in college basketball than the one between two blue-bloods located 25 minutes away from each other, but when and why did this tug-of-war start?

To Tent or Not To Tent

The quad is the heart of the University of North Carolina, but the pandemic forced a tent-shaped steak through it.